Table Maker can put your information online, so everyone in your organization can access it securely and quickly.


  • No more emailing spreadsheets around!
  • No need to cross-reference changes!

    What is a database?

    A relational database consists of one or more tables, with information arranged in rows and columns (like a spreadsheet).

    Most people who make a database table simply use Excel, with the first row of the spreadsheet containing captions which describe what goes in each column. This is fine for small lists, but when you have more than 100 rows it starts getting hard to manage.

    Non-profit Clients

  • Lovin' Life Ministries
  • Family Federation of New York
  • Ambassadors for Peace (NY)

    Commercial Clients

  • Il Hwa Ginseng

    Reference and Utilities

  • HTML and CSS properties
  • Metrocard calculator

    Helpful Links

  • Guide to Generating Tables


    Here's an non-virtual table, made of wood.