HTML CSS Comments and examples
bold <b></b> font-weight: bold;
italics <i></i> font-style: italic;
underline <u></u> text-decoration: underline;
remove underline text-decoration: none; See CSS Links to learn more
center align=center text-align: center;
background bgcolor=yellow background-color: yellow; See HTML color names
bgcolor=#E6D596 background-color: #E6D596; 6-digit hex code
background-color: #aaa; CSS supports 3-digit hex codes
capitalize words text-transform: capitalize; the first letter of each word will be uppercase
UPPERCASE text-transform: uppercase; all letters will be uppercase
lowercase text-transform: lowercase; Even PhD and eBay WILL be lowercase
hidden text visibility: hidden; The text is hidden but still occupies space.
display: none; The text is not displaed and therefore occupies no space at all.

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